The overview below shows Martinus’ symbols nos. 45-100.

The overview below shows Martinus’ symbols nos. 45-100. These are symbols that have been published posthumously in The Eternal World Picture, book 5 and 6 (not yet available in English).

The explanations of symbols contained in books 5 and 6 are based on tape recordings of a series of course lectures, in which Martinus presented his symbols and explained them.

The individual symbols can be displayed in a larger format along with a brief explanation, the purpose of which is to provide an initial overview of the symbol’s content. This explanation, which has been prepared by Martinus Institute, is an abbreviated and concentrated version of Martinus’ own explanation. We encourage you to study the original symbol explanations in The Eternal World Picture, book 5 and 6.

Books 5 and 6 also reproduce a number of selected texts from other books and articles by Martinus that shed light on the topics illustrated by the symbols. The selection of these texts was made by the Martinus Institute, and they must be regarded only as suggestions for further study. See an overview of the selected texts for book 5 and for book 6.

The story behind the publication of The Eternal World Picture, book 5 and 6 with the symbols Martinus left behind after his death is documented in two articles in the Danish edition of the magazine Kosmos: no. 6, 2012 and no. 5, 2015. The articles can be read here in Danish

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